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                                      TONE DEAFNESS

Tone deafness refers to deficits in musical memory, production and perception. Up to 7% of all persons suffer in varying degrees from this condition.

Experts have recently advanced "cures" for tone deafness. These "cures" relate to techniques of vocal production and vocal muscular "training".

Our own efforts in this field not only acknowledge and utilize contributions by experts, but also present unique methods based on intensive research and experience. Our own TONE DEAFNESS INSTRUMENTS are in the process of development and refinement.

During 2006 contact was made with Prof. Toru Yuba; an effort is being made to co-ordinate our research. (SEE DESMOND DESAI CV FOR DETAILS)

Preliminary (and unconfirmed) results obtained from joint research into tone deafness which took place at the University of the Western Cape in early 2008, supports the viewpoint of Prof. Yuba that tone deafness is primarily a result  of deficiencies in vocal production.

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