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*Desmond Desai reports:

"Over the weekend of 17 and 18 May 2008, the building construction ( - which I am doing entirely on my own - ) reached the following stage:


"I am happy to report that thus far, notwithstanding three near-accidents on site, I am still unscathed.  I am also completely healthy. Building keeps me extremely fit and fully occupied. I try to build meticulously and in accordance with the plans passed by the local authorities. These plans were designed and drawn entirely by myself, thanks to the Engineering Geometry (Drawing) course I completed at  the University of Cape Town in 1970.

"I am thoroughly enjoying all facets of the building experience.  I am thrilled at being able to realize my creation through my own efforts at this mature stage of my life!"

                                           Building as at 25 May 2008


                               Roof trusses of the room above caravan have been completed


1 June 2008:

"Although I had a large number of examination scripts to mark, I still managed to do some building. I also applied wood seal to the timbre. The wooden structure above the garage is taking shape. One of  my concerns relates to the extreme weather conditions experienced at times in Betty's Bay, which requires extra secure construction.  (My marking was all done by Tuesday, 3 June!)" 


8 June 2008:

"The above represent the section that I worked on this weekend. Notice the tiny bit of seaview in the left picture.  The view of the house on the right is rather interesting."

22 August 2008:

"Over this rainy weekend, a thought concerning my present research project on the Eoan Group, entered my mind: I realised just how good former Eoan Group singers like legendary soprano Abeedah Parker and tenor Joseph Gabriels must have been in their performance of Verdi's "La Traviata" in 1962 in the Cape Town. Not only is the art of singing an extremely complex one,  mastered by extraordinary people like the mentioned two Eoan singers and greats like Placido Domingo and Pavarotti, but their astonishing ability to perform consistently at their peak and at a sophisticated level in the unique genre of opera, still amazes me! Parker and Gabriels clearly were 'in a class of their own'!"

July 2009....A year later   

"Almost a year has passed during which I was kept extremely busy in my full-time job at the University of the Western Cape and completing a research project on the Eoan Group in December 2008.

My first attempt in December 2008 at getting the roof trusses passed by the local building inspector was understandably unsuccessful. I improved on the structure, and eventually managed to get the full approval of the inspector.

Putting on the roof was relatively easy, which I enjoyed thoroughly ( all on my own as usual!).

This is what my project looks like now:"


16 July 2014 .... Five years later: FIRE IN BETTYS BAY !!!


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