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    QSF  132

QUESTION 1  (6 marks)

A small printing business employs the following workers:

·         Two supervisors at R10 750 each per month;

·         six skilled  workers at R 1 962.50 each per week; and

·         nine unskilled workers at R 695.80 each per week.

All of these workers agree initially to contribute to a charity fund based on their weekly salaries:

·         The supervisors each contribute  R200 plus 7.5% of his/her weekly salary over (that is, which is more than) R1 863.50;

·         The skilled workers each contribute  R110 plus 7.25% of their weekly salaries over R395.80;

·         The unskilled workers only pay R95 each.

Eventually they ALL agree to make their contributions 125% of what was originally agreed upon. Calculate the total amount available for charity.


QUESTION 2 (5 marks)


(a) 1.25  [ 0.8 – ˝ of 0.6  (- 0.7 + 0.4) ]      




QUESTION 3  (4 marks)

When laying a wooden floor of a room, a workman hammered in the first nail in 8˝ seconds. In total, 420 nails were needed to do the job.  If the average time taken to hammer in the nails becomes 0.01 seconds less each time the next nail is hammered in, calculate the total time in hours taken to hammer in ALL the nails?


QUESTION 4  (2 marks)

On 6 August 2009 one needed 26.912 South African rands to buy two British pounds. Express the exchange rate on that day as British pounds per rand?

QUESTION 5  (4 marks)                                                                                                      


Text Box: The adjacent diagram represents the zig-zag section of a pathway, 1 metre wide, situated in a garden. Each section in the ‘zig-zag’ is of length 2 metres except the first and last sections as shown on the diagram. The gardener wishes to place river stones on its border, ˝ metre apart, and on both sides thereof. If the path starts and ends with a stone, how many stones does he/she have to collect from the river?                        (4)





Text Box: 1 m









Text Box:   2 m



Text Box:  2 m
































Text Box:     1 m






QUESTION 6  (3 marks)

When growing carrots in a greenhouse, a gardener successfully grows a number of them. She plants 12 500 in one patch. If the gardener makes 1.75 cents profit on each carrot, and makes an overall profit of R16 275, how many out of every 100 does she grow unsuccessfully?                                                                                    (3)

QUESTION 7  (3 marks)

 Tubs of coal pass a checkpoint in a mine at the rate of five per minute.   

Each tub holds a quarter of a ton.

7.1                   How many tons pass the checkpoint in 3 hours 25min?                 (1)

7.2                   At what rate per hour does the coal pass the checkpoint?               (2)

QUESTION 8  (2 marks)

Convert  each of the following (YOU MAY USE YOUR CALCULATOR):

8.1          =     …………   (base 10)                           

8.2           =  


QUESTION 9  (3 marks)

0.95% of all the milk sold in a particular business are taken off the shelves daily, because they are found to be ‘old’.  If 17 litres of milk were taken off the shelves during a certain day, how many litres of milk would have been on the shelves, if none were removed that day?                                                                                                                            (3)

QUESTION 10  (3 marks)

Andiswa earned R115.75 per day. She then received a wage increase of 7.6%.  She thereafter worked for 24 days in a certain month, during which she received an incentive of 2.5% on sales.  If she sold goods totaling R25 700 during that month, what did she earn for the month?




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