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                                          27 MARCH 2010



Top Left: Nirdev and Kerryn; Top Centre: Dezre; Top Right :Kerryn's important signature.

Bottom Left: Guests and the extremely proud parents Desmond and Zalda; Bottom Centre: Nirdev's Mom Zalda and Kerryn; Bottom Right: Kerryn's Dad and Desmond witnessed the signing of the official legal documents.


            Nirdev, Kerryn, and his mother Zalda on Table Mountain, Cape Town, January 2008


2008- 2002    Graduated B.Com. Hons and several diplomas: Details to follow

1998 - 2001    Graduated with Masterís Degree (M.Sc) in Archaeometallurgy, U.C.T. 

1997  Graduated with Honours Degree in Archaeology, B.A. (Hons), U.C.T.

  1994 - 1997     Graduated with BA Degree, majoring in Archaeology University of Cape Town (U.C.T.)

  1995 - 1997     Studied Mathematics 1, 2 and Economics 2 at UNISA - non-degree purposes

  1993                Matriculated from Muizenberg High School, passing 7 Higher Grade subjects


Extramural Activities:

         Co-presented a paper at the World Archaeological Congress in Cape Town, 1999

         Invited to perform with Long Island Youth Orchestra during tour of SA in 1998

         Piano accompanist for professional trumpeter, 1998

         Elected Chairperson of the Archaeology Field Club (AFC), 1996-7

-        Grew the club membership from 1 to 80 (including students from other faculties)  

-        Established a representative committee to manage the club

-        Arranged a sponsored archaeological tour of southern Africa

-        Became Treasurer/Acting Chairperson in 1998-9 in order to nurture new leadership within the club

         Tutor for UCT Archaeology Field School of 15 students, 1997

         Elected SRC Representative for 3rd year Archaeology, 1996

         Member of UCT Symphony Orchestra, 1994-6 and Member of UCT Choir, 1994

         Earthlife Africa, 1994-5

         Participated in the Cape Town and Cape Argus half-marathons, 1995  



WORK EXPERIENCE - Part-time and Voluntary


2002                English Instructor in South Korea at YBM SISA ELS

         Developed, designed and implemented course material at various levels of English fluency for classes of around 12 adult students

         Ensured that lessons were relevant to the experiences of students

         Taught 'Business English' to employees at two corporations - Handok Aventis and TBWA Korea  

2001                Performed 'kayagum' (traditional stringed instrument) at Seoul National Arts Theatre, broadcast nationally on channel KBS for TV  

2000                Selected as the Core Academic Consultant for Musuku (Gold) Exhibition at the South African National Gallery, now permanently housed at The Gold Museum in Cape Town.  This is the only permanent exhibition of archaeological gold in Southern Africa (sponsored by Anglogold & De Beers)

Jan/Feb 2000 Worked on site at Blombos Archaeological Dig, the world-renowned site with possibly the earliest evidence for human cultural and biological modernity  

1997 - 2000     Formed an alternative music band, 'Orange', 

         Wrote songs and music for the band, and recruited members

         Marketed the band and secured performance opportunities

         Personally invited to audition for the band, 'Just Jinger'  

1998                Teaching Assistant for Anthropology, Archaeology and Geology

         Ran tutorials and practicals

         Lectured modules to 1st year students, and also substituted for lecturers  

1995 - 1998     Established a musical quartet specialising in wedding performances. 

1996                Archaeology Research Assistant at U.C.T.

  1995                Music Coordinator / Musician, Masque Theatre, Muizenberg

         Organised all music requirements (recorded or live) for productions

Made recommendations regarding the best music choice for a production


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